Until today you were in contact with only a few small hotels in Greece and relied mostly on communication over the telephone or via email to request availability and rates.

Now, as a Roomcase partner, you’ll have an immediate response to your requests for availability, rates and features, for a wide range of small to medium hotels in Greece, so as to complete your reservations directly through our platform.

Expand the options you offer to your clients and increase your reservations volume, without commitments and fixed costs!

Reservation payment

Offer your customer the option to pay for his reservation either through your travel agency or directly at the hotel


Set your profit margin from the start, and it will automatically be calculated on all your reservations, or adjust each reservation’s mark-up separately as you go

Connectivity options

Integrate Roomcase API on your website or subscribe to the RAWIS, a web application designed especially for you

Roomcase partner benefits:

  • access to a growing pool of small and medium-sized lodgings, including studios, apartments, villas and boutique hotels throughout Greece
  • immediate results regarding availability, rates, services, features, and photos of lodgings – all in real-time and online
  • complete your online reservations efficiently in just a few seconds
  • manage all your customers’ modifications and cancellations instantly online
  • issue customized vouchers directly through the system with your own agency’s logo and details
  • maintain a detailed history of all your reservations second-by-second, minute-by-minute
  • stay on top of your transactions, as the platform issues all invoices online within your private account

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