A key to all your reservations

We’re certain you’ve got better things to do than visit 2-3 different websites daily, using 2-3 different passwords to check 2-3 different pages for reservation updates. Or even speak 2-3 different languages with 2-3 different travel agents in 2-3 countries. That’s why we take on this task for you. All you have is one single account. You only need to tell us , and we’ll spread the word around!


Hundreds of traditional travel agencies

Not every traveler uses the Internet to book accommodation, so Roomcase includes your business in a lodging database for traditional travel agencies around the globe. If one of your rooms is available online, then it’s also available to our partners’ customers whether in Greece or abroad.


Roomcase PMS

As advanced as Cloud technology, yet as simple as a desk calendar, Roomcase PMS puts your business in order, by organizing even those reservations that don’t happen online.

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