Even the ever so small lodging deserves a “grand” reservations application


Nice and neat

Your bookings need to be as tidy as your rooms! Your availability and reservations are clearly displayed on Roomcase PMS calendar. Swiftly manage adding and transferring bookings, as well as extending or shortening stays in just one screen.

Come one, come all!

Manage all your rooms at once in Roomcase PMS, not just those you sell online. You’ll be able to organize bookings that come through phone sales and walk-ins, just like that.


Adaptable pricing

Every season is beautiful in its own way, isn’t it? Roomcase supports variable room rates according to your business needs and seasonal demand, to make beautiful seasons become bountiful as well.


On Cloud 9!

That’s exactly where you’ll be since Roomcase PMS is a cloud-based application accessible from anywhere there is an Internet connection. So whether you’re on premises at the lodging, or on the road to pick up guests, or sipping a cappuccino down the street, you’ve got all of the PMS functions on any device, no download required!


Nobody messes around with safety on the web. That’s why your interconnection to the PMS occurs over a secure https protocol with an SSL encryption key. Furthermore, all databases of sensitive and private information are encrypted. So no one will ever come between you and us.


Roomcase Network

Roomcase works with several travel agencies and a network of travel advisors all around the world.  We’re also preparing to launch a new sales channel in March 2016! Your lodge is advertised across all these channels so as to increase your chances of booking more reservations! Roomcase PMS provides access to this network as a standard benefit when you sign-up to be a partner.

Channel Management

Connect to over 90 sales channels or to as many as you typically work with! Roomcase PMS is linked to 3 channels of your choice upon sign-up plus the Roomcase network to boot! The app automatically informs and updates each and ever channel regarding real-time availability upon the occurrence of a new or modified reservation, while all reservations are recorded instantly on your calendar. Edit prices, availability and/or sales restrictions in a snap! Channel Management means time-management, so you too get a chance to sit-back and relax while business runs smoother than usual!

Roomcase website booking engine

Website Booking Engine

Now you’re all set-up with your very own online booking engine directly on your property’s website! Prospective guests can search room availability in real-time, view room features and photos, and prices you’ve assigned! In just a few steps, integrate a “Book Now!” button on your website. Instantly convert guests to your website into customers at your lodge!

Roomcase mini-bar

Mini-bar Management

Stay on top of mini-bar use! Now you’re able to charge, stock and replenish mini-bar items used by your guests in each room! Define categories, products and prices for every item in the mini-bar. Keep a record of consumption on each reservation. Finally, the app works for you – by suggesting the total amount to charge based on a guest’s use of the mini-bar.


Housekeeping Management

You pride yourself on maintaining accommodations that are clean and tidy for your guests to enjoy while on holiday! Roomcase’s Housekeeping feature ensures you know exactly which rooms are clean and which need tending to by your cleaning staff, so that you are always certain your lodge upholds its image and reputation.

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