What is Roomcase all about?

Roomcase is a comprehensive solution to promoting your lodge to hundreds of booking websites and travel agents in Greece and abroad. Moreover, Roomcase offers an advanced reservations management system, so that you can organize your property more efficiently. All this offered with flexible pricing, no sign-up fees and minimum requirements on your behalf.


Promote your lodging to several booking sites and travel agencies in Greece and abroad.
Flexible pricing and no sign-up fees.
You’re at liberty to partner with any other booking site or travel agent you choose.
Benefit from competitive commission rates based on your net earnings.
Advanced reservations management system for your lodging, even for those rooms you choose not to promote through Roomcase.
No minimum room availability required to promote through Roomcase.
We offer flexible payment schemes. Select payment at the lodging or payment through Roomcase network or both models per room-type.
Securely save your data and access them anytime, anywhere!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions?


Do I need to make all my rooms available through Roomcase?

Absolutely not! How many rooms you choose to sell through the Roomcase network is completely up to you. We don’t require that you provide any minimum room availability. Plus you can still use Roomcase PMS to manage all your rooms, even those you decide not to sell through our network!

When does Roomcase receive payment?

Roomcase will receive its commission only after a reservation has been fulfilled and your guest appears at the lodging. We don’t receive any fees of cancellations or no-shows.

How do I figure the commission paid to Roomcase when the guest pays for his reservation directly at the lodging?

Roomcase only charges commission on the actual net income earned by the lodging owner and not on taxes paid by the guest. Therefore, commission is based on the net value before taxes (ex. VAT, municipality tax), and is equal to 15% of the reservation’s net amount.

How do I figure the commission paid to Roomcase when the guest pays for his reservation directly through the Roomcase network?

Roomcase only charges commission on the actual net income earned by the lodging owner and not on taxes paid by the guest. Therefore, commission is based on the net value after taxes (ex. VAT, municipality tax), and is equal to 7% of the reservation’s net amount. This pay scheme requires that the lodging owner charges Roomcase the agreed upon room rate (as noted within Roomcase PMS).

Is Roomcase PMS a secure environment?

Roomcase PMS has been developed according to the rules and guidelines dictated by the latest technology advancements and last generation security protocols, so as to ensure complete data security across the platform (user connection to secure sign-in https environment, through a secure SSL key for safe data transfer, as well as database table encryption of sensitive information). Roomcase PMS does not require any software installation on your computer, as it is a cloud-based application. It is provided as a service (SaaS – Software as a Service) to Roomcase’s lodging partners. Hosted on established and secure servers, Roomcase PMS guarantees 99,9% continuous and uninterrupted service all year long. In an effort to always be ahead of the curve, we are constantly developing further functionality to enhance the Roomcase PMS, thereby meeting the sector’s business needs as they surface within the highly competitive and evolving travel market.

What is Roomcase's comparative advantage and why should I partner with you?

Roomcase is a Greek company and we aim to be your, the lodging owner’s, partner. We take your business needs into account and operate accordingly. That’s why:

  • We offer you a secure and low-cost Property Management System, to manage all your reservations regardless of the channel through which they were created.
  • Our commission rate is competitive, and our pricing is flexible according to your preferred service package.
  • We allow you to select the number of rooms you make available through Roomcase PMS. There is no minimum room availability required.
  • We grant you the freedom to create your own set of sales rules (discounts, offers, reservation terms and conditions, etc.) and the ability to develop your pricing policy (rates, deposits, cancellation fees etc.) as you deem appropriate.
  • Our collaboration entails no hidden fees or charges. Nor are there any fees or charges at the end of our collaboration, should that moment arrive.

What are the requirements I need to meet to partner with Roomcase?

There’s only a single requirement to becoming a Roomcase lodging partner: Τhat you are a legally certified entity, operating under a valid lodging license granted by the GNTO (Greek National Tourism Organization) and recorded in the Registry of Tourism Enterprises (ΜΗ.Τ.Ε.). If you meet these conditions, then you may register your lodging with Roomcase here.

I'm interested in signing-up with Roomcase. What do I have to do?

Before you register, you need to know your company’s Tax ID and your lodging’s GNTO license number (ΜΗ.ΤΕ.). Create a username (5 characters minimum) and a password (8 characters minimum) for access to Roomcase PMS. Be particularly careful of the language (English/Greek) and case (caps/no caps) in which you type your username and password, as both play a role in the formation of such codes. Once registered, the system will prompt you to read and agree to the terms and conditions. Kindly read the agreement carefully, and accept the conditions by clicking on the appropriate box. Immediately following the agreement, you will be guided to a screen describing the next steps to set-up your lodging in the PMS. Each section contains directions to assist you in completing your lodging’s profile.

Travel agents

I am an Online Travel Agent. Can I collaborate with Roomcase?

Of course! We’ll supply you with the Roomcase API through which you’ll be able to access our lodging database. Your customers will be able to search for lodgings and availability, make reservations, changes and cancellations directly through your website and booking engine of choice.

I am a traditional brick-and-mortar travel agency. Can I collaborate with Roomcase?

Of course! You only need an internet connection to access our lodging database. We’ve created an online application (RAWIS – Roomcase Agent Web Interface System). It’s free to use and allows you to search room availability and make online reservations through Roomcase. Set your profit margin automatically for all reservations at once or for each separately. Keep a record of all reservations including lodging details and financials. Print a hotel voucher for your customer, with your own agency’s logo, and finally, review our invoices electronically.

Which methods of payment does Roomcase support?

We’re set up to allow for payment directly at the lodging or payment through your agency or both simultaneously! Every lodging owner selects the preferable method to offer his rooms. You also select how you prefer to market these rooms to your customers. The rooms to which you’ll have access will always be in line with the conditions you’ve set.

What types of properties are there in the Roomcase lodging database?

For the time being, Roomcase currently only partners with lodgings in Greece. Our lodging database is constantly growing as new properties sign up from all across Greece. We mainly focus on guesthouses, B&Bs, furnished apartments and studios, holiday homes and villas, traditional estates and boutique hotels. The lodging database includes properties of all standards (stars, keys, classes).

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